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Lanna Hospital is one of the best choices of modern medical care center in Chiang Mai. We provide 180 beds and specialty clinics especially Back Pain Center and Cardiac Catheter Center which gain reputation for high quality of care in the region.

MIS : Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

We use advanced technology for Diagnosis and treatment
of Acute & Chronic Low Back Pain.
With the benefit for reduction of post-operation pain with
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery.
Besides we offer Back Pain Center with modern medical equipment and skillful doctors.

Abdominal Pain Center : Capsule Endoscopy
to find out and diagnose with sophisticated investigation technique  equipment.
- Gastroscopy  - Colonoscopy  - Capsule Endoscopy  - Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (E.R.C.P)

The Health Checkup Center, we provide medical checkup program for
workers, students or bride and groom.

Our Laboratory Services is qualified by Ministry of Medical Science and
ISO 15189 : 2007 as well.

Lanna Hospital is ready to support all customers who required efficient medical services.
Large clean room & modern appliances are available.

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